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Choosing a career with ABC Escorts could be the best decision of your life. Therefore, if you ever wanted to be an escort and wanted to make a full-fledged career in the field, give it a start with us. We have ample amount of opportunities, which no other agency could give you. However, the process we follow for the recruitment is a little tough and therefore, you should be the best contender so that we finally make our mind for you. And the reason why we are very strict for our process is that, we never want our client to suffer just because we could not get a good escort for them.

The process we follow includes the screening of the escort where we see her profile and portfolio where see has the charm, which we require in our escorts. Once the escort clears the screening level, then we at ABC Escorts call them for the interview. We put a variety of questions to them to understand their presence of mind and aptitude in a particular situation, which they could face in near future. During the process of screening and PI (personal interview) if we reject anybody, we never ever allow them reappear again – Not after few months or years. We follow the policy that once rejected, always rejected. Therefore, we always request every of our contender that if you ever plan to give interview with us, make sure that you give your best.

Further, we also ask our escorts to bring up their medical reports so that we could conclude that our escorts are safe for client. In addition, in the whole process, we also go through the process of checking or any criminal record and indulgence. Our recruitment at the agency is very genuine and we only genuine people to join us.

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